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First Ever British Maritime Academic Qualification Provider in Asia

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Why Bangladeshi CADETS?
Professionally educated with efficient training followed by MCA-UK, DG Shipping Bangladesh qualifications.
Professionally educated with efficient training followed by British Curriculum.
Very young, strong, energetic & self motivated.
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Why Work at Sea?
Lucrative wages

Early responsibility

Opportunity to travel everywhere

Good long time prospects

Doing something useful

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INT'L Shipping Industry
Why Marine and Shippping Industry?
The Shipping industry is transporting 90% of the world's trade. There are........
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Career Development:
Cambridge College offers a wide range of scholarships for its regular students. We do have several types of scholarships...
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What Do Trainee Officers Study?
Carrier Opportunities for Marine officers
Career progression chart marine officers
Why will you study British qualifications at outside UK?